10 Solutions for a Successful Ecommerce


After being very clear about the reasons that can hinder the growth of your online business, it is time to take a closer look at the elements that make a site amazing. Here are the 10 characteristics so that there are no doubts when closing a sale.

1. A winning Design

Imagine walking into a grocery store that is not very well maintained. The walls are cracked, the ceiling leaks, the plants are wilted, and there is no clear sense of order with the way the products are displayed. Would you have the courage to buy their products? Of course not!

The same idea applies to e-commerce sites Vlone shop. If yours doesn’t have good usability and design, not only are they going to question the quality of your product, but they are also going to start questioning your credibility as a seller.

2. Optimized for Conversion

While ensuring that the site looks good is important, unfortunately it is not enough to be commercially successful. In addition to looking professional, you need to make sure that your items are optimized for conversion. At the end of the day, everything will come down to whether visitors have bought or not, so ensuring proper functioning of all buttons and modules is essential.

3. Transparent Purchasing Process

One of the reasons shoppers end up abandoning their shopping cart is due to hidden site charges. This shows that a lack of transparency can really hurt your ecommerce site. A good way to combat this is to tell your audience early about the payment process; and if possible, communicate at the beginning, with transparency and notorious visibility, what the rates are.

4. Database Security

If you are running a small commercial site that carries only a few items or you are operating a large-scale retailer with thousands of products, all the critical information to be obtained (such as personal and transactional customer data) must be stored in the database of your website.

In fact, you likely collect the details of each of your customers, including their addresses, phone numbers, complete purchase histories, as well as the financial details of your business during the last month. And of course, you don’t want any of this sensitive data to be compromised or hacked.

If the data on your site, especially that involving the consumer, is stolen, it will be almost impossible for you to rebuild the relationship and trust that you intended. That said the question is: how do you protect your database from possible breaches? The good news is that today there are companies offering on-demand DBA services that can remotely protect and monitor your website data.

5. Short Payment Process

In addition to being transparent, make sure that the entire payment process is as easy as possible for your customers. Integrate your page with a worldwide payment system like PayPal! Also, it should work without the need for more than one checkout page.

6. Capture of Emails

Remember that a good ecommerce execution involves much more than selling products. In addition to selling, you also need to put an emphasis on generating leads. An excellent way to do this is by capturing Emails from your visitors; that is, with good actions from Lead Generation.

Once you have the Email, you can easily cultivate the relationship with them. There are several strategies when it comes to email marketing list building. The idea is to offer something of value, such as discounts, exclusive coupons, free downloads, or personalized training in exchange for your address. From there, you can start building links in your niche by sending segmented information based on what your leads are looking for.

7. Customer Evaluation

Incorporating opinions from your past customers is a great way to inspire positive emotions in potential buyers. Reviews are related to testimonials and opinions, especially if it is about how previous customers were able to solve their problems by using your product.

On the other hand, positive reviews help highlight unique selling points such website for shopping Vlone website. To differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to make a value proposition as obvious as possible, and customer feedback can help with that.

8. Good Product Photos

Nothing better than exposing the products to an overhead light! Use high-quality images with the highest resolution possible and consider that it will be the first visible face for your client. Also, try to include additional details such as product dimensions to give you a clearer and more complete display.

One surefire strategy is to use photos of the articles on a plain background. However, it is also a good idea to use high-quality photos of the product in action. Make sure it gets their attention!

9. Navigation Speed

What will become of a shopping experience with a slow site and poor navigation? Pay attention to the loading speed if you want an optimal experience for your visits. In fact, a customer is willing to wait only 2 seconds before his or her mood to buy is interrupted.

If your files take an amount of time to load, be sure to compress them into smaller formats. If you’re sending visitors to PDF files and they then have to find tools to convert them to file types that load faster, there are free platforms you can use for that.

On top of all this, delivering key information should also be your priority when planning your site design. For example, if it takes more than a few seconds for the visitor to find your value proposition on a landing page, there is something you are doing wrong. Make sure the call to action is found in a single instant when they open your landing page.

10. Special Offers and Promotions

Everybody loves offers. One strategy to drive sales is to offer discounts and promotions. Of course, you should not communicate them recklessly, but rather strategize to maximize the benefits of using these Seasonal Marketing tactics.

One of these keys is the integration of automatic promotions when the user tries to close the page. These are called exit offers, and there are several Marketing Automation tools to help you achieve this.

Also remember that you can check the customer’s data and their journey within the sales funnel. Reviewing their buying behavior and their needs will help you optimize your product and improve conversions.