5 Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Sales App

When you manage a store with a variety of items that are not too many and sales turnover is still small, you will not be bothered with business financial records and reports.

This will be different when your business starts to grow and you start selling a variety of goods.

When this happens, you will definitely need some help, one of which is a sales application where the Journal accounting application has this feature.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with sales applications, you must be curious about the need to have these applications.

Below we’ll cover some of the reasons why this sales tracking app is important for managing your store and business.

Make it easy to collect goods

When you already have a sales application, the data on goods in the store will be processed and stored in the application, so there is no need to manually register.

You only need to write down the number of stock items that will be accumulated automatically to the cash register if there are items that come or decrease due to the sales process.

Selling Price Recording Efficiency

In the era of digitization, all goods in circulation already use barcodes. The use of this barcode aims to facilitate the identification of the name of the item without having to record a long serial number.

You also don’t need to put a price on each item, because the price of the item will be identified in the use of the barcode.

If we have a sales application, we will get this barcode identification program as one of the conveniences.

Making a Financial Balance Quickly

The financial balance is a report produced in a certain accounting period that shows the financial position at the end of the period.

The purpose of this balance sheet is to provide information about the store’s financial statements that display debit and credit details.

The balance sheet consists of three parts, namely assets, liabilities, and equity.

Because the sales application is able to process financial reports from transactions that we have entered during the sales period, the preparation of the financial balance will be very fast without having to match the reports that you have created one by one.

Display Inventory Conditions Accurately

In the world of sales, it is important to know the remaining stock. This can make it easier for entrepreneurs to pre-order and get a match from the resulting transaction value with sales figures and remaining stock.

The sales application has an internal control system that can compare stock inventory from month to month, to get the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) in the financial statements, and find out the truth in the financial statements.

This sales application can also prevent fraud while the business is running.

Ease of Business Decision Making

Imagine if you had to do all business transactions manually. Your time may be wasted just for the recording process.

With the sales application, you can see a graph of the sales of a product at a time, see how long the stock has decreased, and how many items are still left without having to bother checking the warehouse repeatedly. This convenience can indirectly affect the speed and accuracy of your business going forward.

If you can find out quickly and accurately about the sale of goods, then you can immediately decide whether to immediately order goods for sale.

Order them in large or small quantities or hold orders because of the small number of sales of these goods.

After reading the 5 important reasons to have a sales application above, you must be starting to think about the importance of investing to have one.

If you still don’t have references about sales or sales enablement software, you can look for information on the features in the Journal.

Journal is a sales and purchase application that offers instant real-time financial reports anytime and anywhere, inventory tracking to monitor stock, easier invoicing, and asset management that will benefit your business.