Advantages of implementing warehouse management software

Today and as technology advances, the market does not stop changing. This makes them unpredictable; therefore, companies must adapt and achieve good coordination in their structure. In this context, having a Warehouse management system is something that every company that manages warehouses needs to optimize its resources and provide the best image abroad.

What is warehouse management software?

Warehouse management software is a computer program to manage a warehouse’s various phases. To be understood as such and not confused with stock management, the program must be able to manage product locations and identify operator movements, among other things.

Through radio frequency terminals, warehouse management software manages all information flows related to warehouse logistics operations in real-time. In addition, it integrates management into the company’s information system.

The various functions of warehouse management software allow decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data, avoiding chaotic situations in the warehouse. It is considered a system that guarantees the quality of logistics processes to speed up all routines, reduce costs in management, optimize financial resources, and significantly increase the effectiveness of all operations.

What are the features of this software?

Following what was mentioned above, it should be noted that this software is integrated with other enterprise management, especially with business management systems or ERP. It completes the specific modules bundled with the ERP, thus achieving much more precise and detailed information.

Warehouse management software often has two mechanisms to optimize product and merchandise storage. One of these mechanisms is intended for the movement and flow of material in the warehouse. At the same time, the other is specifically dedicated to the physical space designated for it.

Warehouse management software features

Several functions can be highlighted in warehouse management software. Identifying them will allow us to understand the usefulness of this system in an enterprise. The most important are:

  • Entry: the entry function refers to the receipt of the product. This includes capturing all logistics and labeling data. This is done in the following ways:
  • By token: the product is received, combined, and registered in the appropriate container on arrival without palletizing or directly validating its logistics characteristics, storing it later.
  • Detailed logistics data with complete information, including the expiration date, weight, and batch of cargo, among other data.
  • Labeling of containers and merchandise via barcode for storage.
  • Location: This function refers to critical management in the warehouse. It deals with placing products and merchandise through specific rules, such as cross-docking and replacement.
  • Stock: on the other hand, software with this characteristic helps get detailed and up-to-date information about the company’s store of various products.
  • Output: Finally, the work is also managed by this software, using various functions.

Some of the main advantages of implementing warehouse management software are:

Allows extensive inventory visibility

When the warehouse management software is included, the inventory can be immediately seen in the “photo,” relying on updated and detailed information. This makes it possible to have complete and real-time data that can be updated on the e-commerce platform, avoiding the risk of stock shortages and achieving higher quality in the company’s relationships with customers and suppliers.

Reduce operating costs

By implementing software with these characteristics, what is achieved is to optimize the storage and subsequent distribution of products and merchandise while helping to achieve greater productivity in personnel operations. At the same time, it is a tool that helps reduce unnecessary time in manual activities. For this reason, all movement and order management is simplified. In addition, it reduces the possibility of product damage from common human errors. All of this resulted in a significant reduction in operating costs.

Increase security

With warehouse management software, you can increase the security of the warehouse information flow. In addition, its use can only be made by employees who have accepted access credentials. This helps to gain complete traceability and identify responsibilities across different parts of the process.