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Costa del Sol’s Exotic Food Scene


The extensive and varied gastronomy of Costa del Sol is home to many restaurants, many of which have found success because they are committed to reviving traditional dishes, transforming them to give them the relevance they merit, and introducing the wonders and complexity of their local cuisine to tourists. 

From the tastiest seafood, such as traditional fried fish, to the heartiest fare, like stews, Costa del Sol has it all. The towns are incredibly gastronomically diverse. The majority of dishes come from the Mediterranean diet, which is able to coexist with increasingly popular avant-garde cuisine because of the variety and simplicity of its flavours.

The Migas, a modest dish that pairs well with almost everything and is frequently served as Plato de Los Montes when eaten with chorizo, black pudding, peppers, and pork, are without a doubt one of the most well-known foods in Malaga. The finest places to sample these meals are at regular family eateries scattered across the province’s secondary road system. 

Some of the region’s most well-known fried fish restaurants may be found in La Carihuela, an old fishing village next to the coastal promenade. Every year in June, Torremolinos celebrate this culinary delicacy of Málaga’s cuisine.

Without the fried fish, the Emblanco (fish stew), the spicy dogfish soup, the Boquerones with vinegar, the filled calamari, or the exquisite skewered sardines, Malaga would not make sense. 

The villages of Benalmádena and Mijas are where you should go if you prefer the flavours and scenery of the hinterland. These two places are worth visiting due to their streets lined with whitewashed homes, cosy, hidden squares, and vantage points offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Suckling pig, rabbit casserole, and shellfish stew are among the local specialities of Benahavis and Casares. So, when you purchase an Apartments for sale Costa del Sol, you mustn’t miss any of the countless seafood delicacies that are served in this area.

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