Here’s How to Choose a Suitable and Quality Laptop

Choosing a Quality Laptop

Choosing a Quality Laptop – The development of an increasingly advanced and modern era makes almost all work need to be supported by gadgets, one of which is a laptop.

Often many of the prospective buyers do not understand the specifications of the laptop to be purchased.

Just because “they say this brand is good,” they buy it. Or because of the high price, the laptop specials must be good.

Unfortunately, after using the laptop, the specifications are too high or not according to your needs. As a result, we indirectly waste money on things we don’t need.

When looking for a cheaper one, it turns out that there are still drawbacks, whether the battery is dropping or the memory is not supported. So, how do you have a quality laptop?

Let’s look at the following reviews regarding tips on choosing a quality laptop that suits your needs and contents your wallet.

Tip # 1: “New or Used”

Before you buy a laptop, you have to determine first, whether you are going to buy a new or used laptop? Of course, this will be related to the allocation of funds that you will spend.

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If you have decided to buy a used laptop, it is advisable to be careful in checking the completeness and specifications, whether it suits your needs.

Don’t forget to check the condition and quality of the used laptop. To be honest, it would be safer if you bought things new.

However, if you want to buy a used laptop, you can buy it from someone who is trusted, for example, your close friend.

Tip # 2: “Choosing a Quality Laptop Operating System”

Tips for choosing a quality laptop next is to choose an operating system.

Many prospective buyers are confused when faced with choices of various operating systems from laptops, especially for ordinary people or “clueless” with the world of technology. Several operating systems are commonly sold along with the laptop, but some laptops are sold without an operating system. In general, there are at least 3 operating systems that are commonly sold on the market, including:

  • Mac

If you buy a Mac-books, a Mac operating system is included. Mac OS has the advantage of an antivirus which is known to be very strong. Therefore, when we buy a MacBook Pro, chances are that all the data on our laptop files will be stored safely, without worrying about being exposed to viruses or malware.

If you work as a video editor, filmmaker, or need the power of an antivirus, Mac OS is suitable.

However, there is no doubt that the Apple company already priced according to the quality provided.

  • Windows 10

Bill Gates’ product is familiar to gadget users. Most of the laptops use the operating system from Windows, and the latest version in this era is Windows10 after Windows8 which was released by the Microsoft company.

With more interesting features, Windows10 further enhances each version of Microsoft’s previous products. This product is equipped with a digital assistant called Cortana, which is very useful when the user or user wants to do something quickly. Users or users only need to say “Hey Cortana”, then the digital assistant will be ready to accept all the commands given.

  • Chrome OS

Not wanting to be left behind from Mac & Windows, Google released an operating system that is no less attractive, sophisticated, and modern, which has recently become a hot topic among gadget users.

Google released Chrome OS with an attractive and elegant interface design besides its appearance that is not much different from Microsoft’s product operating system.

With its sophistication, the Chrome operating system can run several Android Applications on your smartphone or smartphone.

Tip # 3: “2 in 1 Facility as Needed”

Along with the development of the times, now some laptops can become tablets when needed.

If you are a professional who needs a hybrid laptop that you can use for presentations like a tablet, then this could be one of your considerations.

And for those of you who want to buy a laptop for gaming, isn’t recommended.

Tip # 4: “Appropriate Screen Size”

When going to buy a laptop, the next thing to consider is the choice of the size of the laptop screen that you will buy.

There are many variants of laptop sizes on the market, including the following:

  • 11-12 Inch

For school children or college students who don’t want to bother carrying a laptop with a heavy size in a bag, a laptop with a screen size of 11-12 inches and a weight of about 1 to 1.8 kg can be an option.

  • 13-14 Inch

Laptops with a large size can be a good option for those of you who want the display from the screen to be not too small.

  • 15 Inch

The size of the 15-inch laptop screen is quite large and is usually sold in the market.

  • 17-18 Inch

Laptops with large screen sizes are usually suitable for those who work as editors or gamers. Its size provides comfort for its users.

However, the bigger the screen size, the heavier the load will be. For the weight of the screen size 17-18 inches, it is usually around 2kg.

Tip # 5: “Pay attention to the Keyboard & Touchpad  before Choosing a Quality Laptop

Every laptop has a keyboard and touchpad. The size and appearance of the keyboard and touchpad will also affect the functions you intend to use. If you have a profession that needs a laptop for typing, here are some tips that you need to take into consideration before buying the laptops.

# In selecting the keyboard:

  • Make sure the keyboard that presses will return to its original position immediately.
  • Make sure the distance between the keys on the keyboard is as needed.
  • Ensure your comfort when typing on the keyboard.

# In selecting the touchpad:

  • Make sure the accuracy of the touchpad must be perfect.
  • Make sure the sensitivity of the touchpad when you use it.
  • The quality and durability of the touchpad need attention.

Tip # 6: “Determine the Specifications”

In a laptop, several parts support the performance, including the processor, hard drive, RAM, VGA, and so on.

These specifications also need to be adjusted to your needs when you are going to buy a laptop.

The processor is the main component of a laptop, as a brain of the laptops. There are many variants of processors on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive, 2 of which are quite well known, namely Intel Corporation and AMD.

Although the performance of the two processors is not much different, processors from Intel have a higher price than AMD.

In choosing a processor, pay attention to the RAM size that suits your needs. For the editors and gamers, be sure to choose a laptop with a clock speed over 3.0 GHz.


Tip # 7: “Battery”

If you are a worker who needs a long time in front of the laptop, you must choose the laptops with a bigger battery life of more than 2 hours.

Thus, you don’t need the hassle of always charging the laptop battery via a charger from a power source.

If you are a gamer or an editor, you certainly need a laptop with a large battery capacity.

Some shops also sell batteries separately according to your needs.


Tip # 8: “Check the Condition of the Bag”

Again, the matter of pocket must be a determining factor for you to choose a quality laptop. Before you can bring home the laptop, you must have a budget that costs the laptop you need. It’s recommended to buying a laptop whose specifications suit your needs. If funds are not yet available, don’t force yourself to buy right away.

It’s better for you to save than you rush to buy a laptop that turns out that the specifications do not match what you need.


Tip # 9: “Choose a Brand”

Many brand laptops you can see on the market. Choose a laptop brand that has guaranteed quality. Not all brands have the same performance even though the specifications are the same.


Tip # 10: “Ensure Security Features”

The laptop feature is now not only equipped with a password. To make laptops even more secure, especially for those of you who store important files for office or work matters, now there are many types of special security on laptops that you can use.

Some special safeguards on high-end laptop devices that can be an alternative include fingerprint sensors and Windows Hello. A fingerprint sensor is used to identify the fingerprint of the laptop owner. Of course, your fingerprints are only owned by you, right? With a fingerprint sensor, not just anyone can open your laptop, apart from yourself.

The sophistication of Windows Hello is equally attractive and can provide special security for important files on your laptop. This feature released by Windows10 has a function for biometric authentication, such as identification of faces, fingerprints, and iris. This feature certainly requires a special device, such as a RealSense 3D camera and infrared sensor.


How Does a Laptop Fit Your Need?

The use of laptops is now increasingly becoming a necessary gadget, not only for studying, working, and even playing games.

Choose a laptop that suits your needs and of course it must be pocket-friendly too.

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