Whether you are a business owner or a human resource manager, you must hire the right talent to achieve your business objective. You can only find the best hire by scouting, conducting several interviews, training, and onboarding the new candidates. This requires your time and resources. With how difficult it is to run a business, you might not have adequate time to identify or onboard the right candidate.

Fortunately, you can turn to a staffing service to simplify the hiring process. No matter the kind of talent you are looking for, taking advantage of staffing services has so much to offer to your business.

Negate the Negative Effects of Employee Absenteeism

Both unscheduled and scheduled absences from work can leave a negative impact on employees and employers. According to the CDC, employers lose approximately $225.8 billion each year due to absenteeism. This translates to roughly $1,685 per employee.

Absenteeism can also affect your employees since they have to work harder to cover up for the absent employee. It might also result in dissatisfaction among the remaining employees due to an increased workload.

Fortunately, human resource managers and business owners can deal with employee absenteeism by utilizing staffing services. The staffing agency you partner with can find temporary employees to fulfill absent employees’ duties. This will enhance productivity and prevent dissatisfaction among your employees.

Saves You Money

Businesses can also save money by working with an established staffing agency. The staffing agency you will hire can help you find the right temporary employee for your business. That means you won’t have to pay benefits, training expenses, and taxes associated with permanent employees. Once the contract ends, the staffing agency will find more work for the temporary employee. As such, you don’t have to worry about unemployment claims. Moreover, you won’t have to pay for permanent staff overtime.

Expedite the Hiring Process

If your company or organization does not have adequate resources, a staffing agency can help you save time and money. Staffing agencies can optimize the performance of your business by expediting the hiring process. An established staffing agency can help you find the right talent to fill open positions at a quicker rate. Such agencies have a large pool of top talent in their database. Even if the staffing agency does not have the right candidate for your specific requirements in the database, the talented recruiters will start hunting for the most suitable candidate right away. Your in-house human resource department might struggle to find the most suitable hire quickly since they have other important tasks to fulfill.

Reduces the Hiring Risk

With each hire comes an element of surprise. Fortunately, you can reduce the hiring risk by working with an established staffing agency. These agencies see beyond polished CVs, fake personalities, fake references, and scripted answers.

In most cases, staffing agencies have a large pool of prescreened candidates. This means you are more likely to find suitable candidates for your open positions when you work with a staffing company. Besides, you will have the chance to keep the candidates on a trial basis to determine if they are a perfect fit for your company. It also allows candidates to decide if they want to work for you.

Access Staffing Solutions

With staffing agencies, employers can access staffing resources that can drive the success of their companies through innovative services and programs. In addition, you can access industry research and data to have a deeper understanding of your competitors and the market. Some of the resources you and your team can access include a webinars archive that can keep you and your team up to date with the latest industry research, legislative issues, best practices, and trends. The certification catalog can also keep your team current with the best practices in your industry.

Partnering with a staffing agency comes with numerous benefits. It will not only reduce the hiring risks, but it can also help you find top talents at a much quicker rate. It also reduces the adverse effects of absenteeism. Above all, the staffing agency you choose to work with will provide various solutions focused on your company’s success.