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How to Change Your Internet Provider?


The best internet deal you got for your home five years ago may not be good enough to meet your internet lifestyle today. So, it is always a better idea to periodically keep checking your available options to find out if it is time to switch your internet service providers.

However, with all installation charges, termination fees, pressure from customer retention agents makes switching providers a big hassle. To help you in this regard, here is a quick guide to walk you through the process as effortlessly as possible.

Know What You Are Looking For

Are you looking for a different connection type? Faster speeds? Reliable customer service? No data caps? Contract-free agreements? Lower monthly rates? Knowing the exact reason you want to change providers will save you from experiencing cost and inconvenience of switching only to end up in a similar situation later.

When there are multiple reasons, try to prioritize in order of what matters the most to you. This way you could easily distinguish and choose the best provider for your needs.

Find the Costs Associated with Service Cancellation

If you have signed a contract agreement with your current ISP, you might have to pay a hefty fee by canceling the service early. Make sure you take this into account especially if you are only switching to save some money. 

Keep in mind that different internet service providers use different equipment, so if you got your modem from your current provider, it may not work well with your new provider.

Alternatively, if you have not purchased but rented equipment, you will have to return everything back to your ISP. So, include this cost as well when figuring out how much canceling your existing service could cost you.

Determine Your Internet Needs

Try taking a speed test to know the speeds you are getting from your existing internet service. Knowing your internet usage pattern and needs help in selecting the type of internet connection that can best meet those needs.

Find other Internet Service Providers

Once you know the speed you are getting from your current provider and the cost you may have to pay for canceling your existing service, it is now time to shop around to check the alternative option you have.

What should I consider when shopping around for other broadband internet services?

  • Availability
  • Speed
  • Monthly cost
  • Up-front cost
  • Reliability
  • Bundling Options

Consider Customer Service & Reputation

You may feel attracted to appealing internet promotional deals at affordable rates, but don’t let the flashy deals rule your entire decisions. Chances are you will have to deal with your internet service provider quiet often after signing the contract. So, getting a provider with the likes of Metronet customer service is must if you want a stress-free future.

Order Your New Internet Service

Now that you are well equipped with the information about internet providers, plans, and prices availability in your area, go ahead and call your new provider to place an order. Make sure you set a feasible date for installation and overall setup.

Cancel your old internet service.

Finally, when installation and activation of your new internet service is complete, it is now time to cancel your old service. You can do so by either calling the provider or visiting your online account.

There You Are!

Now that you know the essential steps for switching internet provider, we hope you opt for a service better than your previous one to avoid any regrets later. Don’t forget to ask around from other people in your neighborhood before signing up the service contract with your new provider. So, Good Luck!