Nowadays, online product showcasing by including forces to be reckoned with is progressively being done, given the positive effect it has on expanding business brand mindfulness. However, so that the results obtained are as expected, business people of course need to be more selective in picking the right powerhouses to support items. By picking the right forces to be reckoned with, different objectives set, for example, expanding brand presence, engagement, and even sales, can actually happen.

What is Endorsement?

Endorse is taken from the word endorsement which means support, validation, it can also be approval. Or in other words, this is an act of supporting a product or brand. In addition, endorsements are also useful for introducing a product, service, business, or service to an audience with the hope that product sales will increase. Well, people who can do endorsements are known as influencers.

What Are Influencers?

Influencers are people who have a large audience on their social media. Usually, what they say, use or use, even what they do, has an influence on the audience what’s more causes these devotees to emulate or attempt the items utilized by powerhouses.

Many individuals  imagine that powerhouses ought to have a ton of adherents via web-based media. Truth be told, numerous supporters isn’t a benchmark that makes someone worthy of being an influencer. There are quite a number of influencers with less than hundreds of thousands of followers, but in fact they are able to influence the audience.

For those of you who have an online business and want to choose influencers spotlights to endorse products, then you can consider the following things.

How to Choose Influencers for Product Endorsement

1. Choose Influencers That Match Your Product

The first thing, when you want to choose an influencer to endorse a product, first find out the influencer’s daily life in uploading posts on social media. Also consider, the content of the social media feed is in accordance with your product or not. For example, if you want to endorse a skincare product, then the influencer you choose is of course the one who often shares about skincare and make-up. Another example, you have a food business and want to work with influencers to promote your business, then choose influencers who have a lot of food content on their social media. This is very important, because what is on the influencer’s social media usually describes his followers.

2. Find Out Influencer Engagement & Insight Data

The second step before deciding to work with an influencer, you need to find out the influencer’s engagement data and social media insights. Influencers who have good engagement can be seen from the number of likes and comments that are proportional to the number of followers.

To get all this data, you can use an application to check influencer engagement data, such as Phlanx, which can be used for free. If your business is still on a small scale, you can collaborate with influencer marketing who have 1,000 – 10,000 followers, because they tend to have a more active audience and the promotional costs you pay are relatively cheaper.

In addition to engagement data, you need to know the insights of each influencer you want to work with. Insight data you can ask directly with influencers. Some things you can ask are:

– What areas is the average influencer audience from?

– Is the audience more female or male?

– What is the average age of their audience?

With the engagement data and insights you get, that’s what you take into consideration in choosing an influencer. If you want it to be easier, you can invite a Jakarta digital agency or KOL management to choose it for you. They can provide the best solution to achieve the target you set.

3. Influencers Can Create Unique Content

Before deciding which influencers to work with, you should first study the content they have created. You can see it from the content they have posted on social media, whether on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

Choose influencers who are able to create interesting and unique content and can captivate their audience, especially supported by captions that invite the audience to do what the influencer did. That way, the promotions that you do can reach the audience, and can even increase the possibility of increasing brand awareness or conversions in the form of purchases.

4. Influencers Have Quality Videos or Photos

Just imagine, the product you sell is photographed or made into a video, but with perfunctory quality, the results must be unattractive, right? If you just congregate

maybe not interested in seeing the results of photos or videos that are just finished, and so are the audience. Therefore, make sure the influencers you work with can produce quality photos or videos. If necessary, you can set up a special team that will help check the results of the influencers’ content before they upload the photo or video to their social media accounts. With good video and photo quality, it will definitely attract the audience to get to know your product, and it is not impossible for the audience to buy your product.

5. Influencers Have a Good Attitude

If you want to choose influencers to market products, then choose influencers who have a good attitude. Usually, big brands are more careful in choosing influencers to market their products! Do not let you choose influencers who do a lot of controversial actions because it will cause your product image to be bad.

On the other hand, when you choose an influencer with a good attitude, it will be easier to give a brief. Try to choose influencers who can do the task according to the directions you give. Don’t pay a high price for it, but the job the influencer is doing isn’t up to par.

6. Adjust to Your Budget

For those of you who have just started a business, don’t be swayed by wanting to choose influencers who are already hits, but turn out to be more than the budget you allocated. This can create new problems for your finances. Instead, choose the right influencer and according to the budget you have.

Some of the things above are ways to choose influencers to endorse products. Don’t choose the wrong influencer to endorse your product, which will result in you not getting a profit, but the other way around. Even better, before making a choice, you consult with the digital marketing team who are experienced in implementing social media and digital campaigns.