How to Shoot Sharp, Beautiful Bokeh

Those of you who are looking for a way to shoot bokeh already know what bokeh is in the world of videography. Bokeh video is a term in videography that is aimed at videos with areas of blur or out of focus. Bokeh itself comes from the Japanese word ‘boke’ which means unfocused or blurred. Another term for bokeh is bokashi, which means deliberately blurred or deliberately graded. How to shoot good bokeh is not easy, it takes experience and special techniques to get interesting videos. A camera with lenses and specifications that support bokeh shooting is also needed. Then how do you shoot bokeh?

Boosts of Bokeh videos

Before knowing techniques for videographing bokeh, we should know some of the driving factors so that in-camera bokeh videos can be produced

1. Aperture

It is important to include the aperture in the lens in the sequence of how to shoot bokeh because it affects the quality of the bokeh video on the camera, especially keeping the metal or blade. The blades on the lens can move open and close to form an aperture hole, the large number of blades on the lens will make circular bokeh while the small number of blades on the lens will make polygonal bokeh.

2. Spherical aberration and comatic aberration

Spherical aberration in the lens is an optical effect that occurs when light enters the lens. Each lens and camera have different spherical aberration capabilities. Each lens will produce a different reflection of light rays on the sides and center, this is related to the shape of the bokeh that is different depending on the camera lens itself. Comatic aberration is an optical effect that occurs due to imperfections in the lens, for example, the optical part in the lens does not properly reflect the incoming light at the right point, resulting in a distorted out of focus area. This will form swirly bokeh (circular distorted bokeh).

Those are two things that you should know about the driving factors for bokeh videos related to the lens and camera you have. Then how do you shoot bokeh? In the following we will provide a review,

How to Record Bokeh

1. Setting the aperture and focal length of the lens

Now the first way to shoot bokeh is related to aperture and Focal Length. These two things are interrelated so that they are the most frequently discussed things, especially when talking about bokeh videos. The bokeh effect will be obtained when the aperture of your DSLR camera is at the smallest aperture, which means that the number behind f / is large.

2. Background, foreground, and objects

In how to shoot bokeh, it is no less important to pay attention to the background of the object. The farther the background is from the object, the greater the opportunity to shoot bokeh videos. You can place objects at a distance from the background. In essence, you are videographing objects with a farther background distance.

3.Depth of Field (DOF)

The next way to shoot bokeh is to understand the depth of field (DOF) or the distance between the video object and the camera so that you can shoot the bokeh effect. To get a good DOF, you need to be at a distance from the light source and make sure to activate focus in manual mode too. Get as close to the camera lens as possible.

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4. Lighting

Getting the best light is a very beneficial way of shooting bokeh this time. The light used depends on the object you are videographing, you have to know where the light is good in your object, whether from the front, from behind, or maybe from the side. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment because sometimes bokeh videos are the result of an accident.

5. Use additional equipment

Finally, we enter how to shoot the final bokeh. To produce stable bokeh videos, you can use a tripod to keep the camera stable, then you can also use prime or other special lenses, besides that you can also use filters if needed.

That was how to shoot the correct bokeh so that your videos look sharp but produce a cool bokeh effect. Actually, not only using a DSLR camera, but you can also use an android camera to produce bokeh results, but your android must support quite sophisticated settings in terms of the camera, only a few Android smartphones have supported this. Bokeh videos are quite in demand by various groups, not only do you have to be a professional videographer to be able to shoot bokeh, even though you are a beginner you can also shoot bokeh. Thus the information in the article about how to shoot bokeh, I hope this information is useful for all of you. Greetings videography! Good luck!