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How to use the Kinemaster application for beginners


You can consider the Kinemaster application for beginners if you want to become a content creator with a minimal budget. The Kinemaster application can be used on Android and also functions like a professional video editing software / application.

We can use the free version of Kinemaster to edit videos on various social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and so on. This Kinemaster application for Android has a Pro version and a free version that we can adjust the features we want to our needs.

Here we will learn how to use the Kinemaster application for beginners from basic things which will certainly be very useful for you to know. No need to linger anymore, let’s go straight to the Kinemaster application tutorial for beginners.

Tutorials & Guides: How To Use The Kinemaster App For Beginners On Android

Here we will summarize the tutorial on how to use the Kinemaster application into 10 tutorials that outline the technicalities of using this application. If you haven’t installed this application on your Android phone, it’s a good idea for you to download the Kinemaster application first on Google Play …!

1. How to Create a New Project in the Kinemaster Application

The steps we have to do in order to use the Kinemaster application for beginners is to open a new project. This new project will later become our editing media both importing, combining, cutting the duration and so on.

If this is your first time installing the Kinemaster application on your Android phone. Then you will see some introductory picture slides from Kinemaster and also a display of advertisements for upgrading to Kinemaster Premium. You can just slide it until you find the “start” button as shown below.

After you click start, you will see the display that I attached to the image below and you can select the icon with a (+) sign in the middle of the other icons. The added icon serves as a button to create a new project.

2. How to Select Video Aspect Ratio

After you select the plus sign in the first step of how to use the Kinemaster application for beginners, then the next step you have to do is choose the aspect ratio of the video that you will edit later.

In the picture above there are 3 aspect ratios that we can choose from, namely videos with vertical, horizontal and equilateral aspect ratios. The 1: 1 ratio can be used for Instagram video feed content and the rest can be used for Youtube content.

3. How to Insert Image or Video from Gallery

As you can see above, this is a blank project that has not been imported / imported of any material. The first thing we have to do in order to be able to edit and work on this project is to import photos or videos which are the basic material / foundation for our project.

If we haven’t included the basic material in this step, then you can’t import other materials such as text, gifs, stickers or music. Here we are required to click on “Media Browser” and later a gallery folder will appear which we can select like this display and you can choose what video / photo you will make a video.

4. How to Import Music or Record Sounds

Well … After successfully importing photo or video media into the video editing timeline, we can add additional material and you can see that the color of the music / nad icon is also clickable.

To enter music, intros and other sound effects, all you have to do is click on the music / tone icon which will bring out your music gallery folder view. Choose the music you want to combine with your photo or video media. Keep in mind that the music duration will adjust to the duration of the photo or video that you imported in step three above. This must be mastered so that you are proficient in using the Kinemaster application for beginners.

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