How Will You Make Each Interaction A Memorable Experience?

Many brands are beginning to understand that in order to capture customer loyalty it’s important to have a memorable experience from the earliest point of contact. Some of the most memorable aspects of your customer experience come down to the interactions customers will have with your staff. Here are some of the best ways to provide a memorable experience at each point of contact.

Providing Exemplary Moments

Going above and beyond with any consumer interaction makes sure that you can establish a loyal customer. The small details and customer service influences people to come back. Whether it’s performing something spontaneous like offering someone a steep discount for their next order or getting back to them very quickly about their customer service inquiry, exemplary moments in customer service lead to the most loyal customers.

Recruit The Very Best Staff

Training is an important aspect of your customer service experience, but sometimes it can be advantageous for you to recruit the very best for your customer service team. Assemble a customer service staff that knows how vital your business is and how to be a customer service superstar.

Anticipate The Needs Of Your Customers

Research into customer demographics and make sure that you can provide instantaneous responses. Following any type of negative or positive feedback and making sure that you have proper responses and plans in place can be a good start at being more composed with customer feedback and more.

Respond To All Customer Feedback

Immediately responding to positive and negative feedback will ensure that your customers feel valued. It can be easy to ignore negative feedback that might be stacking up, but offering a response for the thoughts and feelings of your customers will make sure that you are building a greater sense of long term trust.

Consider these top ideas if you are interested in improving your customer service interactions at each stage of contact.

This blog was written by Ingrid Lindberg, a customer experience speaker and founder of Chief Customer. Her work has spanned the Fortune 500 – including Finance, Healthcare, CPG, Telco and Retail, working with companies to create differentiating customer experience strategies and cultures.