Installation Of Double Glazing During Covid-19

News about the Coronavirus pandemic has dominated almost all media platforms. The spread of this virus has been labeled as a pandemic because it has caused widespread loss of lives and livelihood. Also, many countries have been put on lockdown and schools closed as part of the measures to curb the spread of this disease.

The disruption of the normal course of life has been quite clear in the UK. Nevertheless, much as we might not know when the pandemic will end, there is no reason why you should halt planning for the home improvements you have been wanting to do. This is because the UK will overcome this pandemic similar to the financial crisis of 2008.

Here, we discuss various ways you can begin the process of enhancing energy efficiency in your home by remodelling to double glazing products for solidor door designer and windows. We also deliberate on the available help from installers during these unprecedented times.

Many companies involved in double glazing are offering potential clients a quoting tool online.

This tool enables clients to put in different specifications for doors and windows and also enabling clients to see an online visual representation for the proposed designs for windows and doors.

Inputting the specifications allows the installer to provide you with a rough quote because by providing the measurements, seemingly you have just “built” a model of for your window or door.

Under normal circumstances, the installer would call you to book an appointment to take the measurements of the doors and windows. Unfortunately, under the current conditions, it is not possible to have an installer to book an appointment or to come to your home.

Luckily, our online double glazing quote tool will enable you to provide measurements online and you can also select one from three options for double glazing installation companies. Thereafter, you can begin the installation process on your home without requiring an appointment.

These difficult times have us trying to avoid situations where an installer has to come to your home to take measurements. The good thing is that it is possible to carry out the measurements by yourself.

We advise our clients to take as many measurements as possible to send to their ideal choice of the double glazing installation company.

We advise you to take the measurements for windows as follows:

Begin by taking three main measurements of the width of the window at the top, middle and bottom level.

You must measure the window from its jambs instead of the existing window frames.

The smallest measurement from the three is one you will provide to the double glazing company.

For doors, we would advise you to take the measurements as follows:

Measure the width of the door from one end near the brick to the other end at the brick at the points on top, middle and bottom level of the door. Just like the windows, the smallest of the measurement will be provided to the installer as the width.

Measure the height of the door from brick to brick at the left, middle and right of the opening of the door. Also, the smallest of these measures will be provided to the installer as the height.

Upon providing these measurements, the double glazing installation company you selected will advise you and refine your quote.

Remember that these measurements are quite critical for the installation of the double glazing. So if you are not confident that you have taken the measurements well, please get in touch with the installer and they should walk you through the process.

There are many different methods you can use to pay for your double glazing installation services.

One of the most popular financing methods is using a financial package.

Most of the installers of double glazing provide some form of financing because they realise that double glazing is a one-time purchase which often can be quite expensive for the homeowner.

Therefore, it makes sense to spread and level out the cost over a given period which will be agreed between the homeowner and the double glazing company.

You can always give the company a call and ask if you cannot find available financing options from their websites.
It is best to call them and ask what financing arrangements are available especially during these times when a physical visit is not possible.

A good financing arrangement will allow you to spread the cost of double glazing out, lower the initial risk or capital outlay and provide the much-required financial flexibility during this rather challenging period.

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