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Key Marketing Strategies For Jewellery Retailers


With a jewellery store, the marketing method will be different to a standard clothing brand. It is similar to a perfume brand. There are many digital marketing methods used by professionals from companies like The Marketing Heaven that you need to explore for a jewellery store however, some are far more important than others. Here are three ways that you can help make your jewellery brand stand out with these marketing methods.

Promote Your Best performing Products

Know your best-performing products and prioritise promoting these. If you design the same pieces of jewellery then this is going to benefit you. However, if you are a brand that designs unique jewellery pieces then this won’t be for you.

Establishing your top-performing jewellery should be your selling point for your advertisements. It should also be your priority for your website as well. Do something on your site that highlights these particular products. A good way of doing this is showcasing the product on your homepage. You could also have a category that shows your top-selling products.

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate Around

User experience is important for a website for many reasons. If you are a customer on a website and the website isn’t easy to navigate around, you are likely to leave the website without buying a product. We advise that you make your website as user friendly as possible so that it is easy for them to find the products they are looking for. Furthermore, you should make the checkout process easy for them as well. If they are unable to find the basket where their product is, they are not going to check out. Leaving a lot of unfinished potential orders.

Optimise Your Site

Site optimisation is important for every e-commerce brand as it is a way to street ranking for keywords that are relevant to the business. For example, as a jewellery store, you might specialise in vintage jewellery. With this type of jewellery, each product will likely be unique, so you are going to have to find ways that you can easily categorise them.

One of the ways that you can do this is by having a category for vintage engagement rings. Another way that you could do this is to target a particular vintage style such as mediaeval, depending on which styles are more popular than others.

It isn’t just categories that you should be looking at optimising either. Your homepage is where you are going to be getting the majority of the organic traffic to your site. Not only should you be showing off your most popular products on your website but also having content explaining your products and what people are likely to be coming across.

To Conclude

There are many different ways that a jewellery brand can reach the maximum exposure that it can reach. However, some need to be prioritised like the ones we have previously mentioned. One final thing that we would suggest with your jewellery brand is ensuring that you have a social media page. Jewellery is very picture orientated so make sure that you constantly update this with professional imagery.