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Prepaid card: what are its advantages


In the modern world, non-cash payments are slowly replacing cash payments. And this is logical, since conducting transactions using a bank card is not only much more convenient, but also, more importantly, safer.

Who needs a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is convenient for making purchases on the Internet and is an excellent travel companion around the world. Also, having a prepaid card, you can take care of relatives or loved ones living abroad by regularly transferring funds to them.

WestStein prepaid cards are very convenient because they are not linked to your main bank account. The amount of funds on the card is regulated by its owner; the service does not set limits. Therefore, there can be any amount of money on the card that you can use.

Prepaid cards are a financial instrument that have their own individual online account. Using the WestStein application installed on a smartphone, the cardholder can manage the card. The service interface is very simple and convenient. By logging into the application, you can easily analyze your expenses and income, top up your WestStein prepaid card from any bank account or, if necessary, block or delete the card along with the account.

How to quickly order a Mastercard prepaid card

You can order a Mastercard prepaid card at any time by leaving a request on the website and filling out a simple form with personal data. After checking the data, the client receives an online invoice, which can be viewed in his personal account. A virtual prepaid card will also be available to the client. This is a card with the same properties as a regular one, only without physical media.

The virtual card has a personal IBAN code; you can use it to pay on the Internet, in cafes and restaurants, book hotels and air tickets around the world.

Benefits of the WestStein prepaid card

The cost of servicing the card is affordable.

The quality of services provided is always maintained at the highest level.

24/7 multilingual customer support.

User-friendly software interface.

Security and protection of personal data and funds with the Mastercard 3D Secure system.

Versatility of use.Thanks to many advantages, WestStein’s customer base is growing every day. Join and become a client of the best financial service!