PRINCE2 Project Management in detail


Project Management – There are so many pieces of the project puzzle missing from the diagram.  When all these pieces are in the right place in together, you have a solid foundation on where to begin building the structure of your project.  Let’s take a closer look at that. as on a prince 2 Foundation Training Dublin course.

The foundation of your project can be summed up in one word:  communication.  We will be talking about the importance of communication throughout the entire project.  Too often there can be communication difficulties leading to problems on your project.  This article will talk about some tools that can be used in order to improve your project communication skills.

Professional Confidentialityis a critical piece of the project ethics puzzle.  A project that requires project based professional confidentiality is a project that you should take very seriously.  This means that anyone who is to work on your project should have the client sign a legal document declaring their willingness to work in confidence.  This is important on publishing and production after the project.

Project Scopeis a critical piece of the project management puzzle and sets the boundaries for the project itself.  When you have a project that is too broad, you have an unstructured project that will lead to a chaotic project.When we talk about Architecture you talk about a large number of individual work pieces.  With this in mind, full scopes are not as easy to manage as need be.  Once you have rights of progress and clarification or variance, you must feel free to make minor revisions.  The rule of thumb is to not make major revisions until you have been working on your project for at least 2 days.  And you must be able to document the instructions for minor changes.  This can be a combined understand of all parties involved and clear as to who is responsible in doing what.

Project Management Toolswe’re talking about software packages, or CPPN or COUR Nicarag.  These are the tools you use in order to implement the project management process.  Everything must be in gigabytes.  A goodhoe MDMA iscz somewhere between Singh and Osterline.  Best bet is you get a software package from Microsoft (MSFT) and some distributor.  There are a lot of them.  I personally think MS Projects PMP from IBM is the best software I’s around with as part of the Microsoft offerings, but you may be different.  You should take a deeper look at those packages.

Program Source contain the all of the DLL and PE files needed for the project.  The most important activity is to build all of these files needed for the project.  These files are critical to everybody involved in the project.

Program Distribution contains the schedule of how the program will be built, packaged, and rendered.  This is where CRITICAL information is stored.

Program Composition contains files needed to configure the IT infrastructure around the other disciplines.

Program Structure contains files needed to configure the IT infrastructure supporting our projects.

Program Installation contains all the apps, DLLs, and PE files needed to get from program distribution to computer system.

Program Administration contains all the information needed to handle installing and running the program deployment.

Program Management contains all files needed to configure our applications and DLLs and Plasma application installation for most applications.