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Smart Tips for Choosing Company Souvenirs as Promotional Media


Advertising and carrying out promotional activities are one of the business activities carried out by companies that want to move forward. Promotion is not only needed by small businesses that have just been pioneered, even multinational companies whose brands are already well-known continue to carry out promotions so that businesses can continue to exist and move forward.

Whether it’s promoting online through Facebook Ads, Ad-words and so on, or offline promotions such as advertising on TV and distributing company souvenirs.

Ironically, there are still entrepreneurs who view promotional activities as activities that will only waste money. This usually happens to companies that often fail to design promotional programs or are wrong in determining the right media for promotion. So that the budget or budget issued is not in accordance with the expected goals or has a significant positive impact on the company.

In fact, if we can calculate and design an effective company promotion program, the results can be relatively more measurable and achieve the desired results. For example, how to promote using company souvenirs.

If we just make and distribute a souvenir to consumers without careful calculation and consideration, then it could be like the company above, namely the results obtained are not measurable and do not achieve the expected results. However, it is different if the promotional program is calculated carefully.

There are lots of items that we can make as corporate souvenirs such as ballpoints, calendars, table clocks, key chains, towels, tumblers, flash drives to Power-banks. Then how to choose the right company souvenirs? How do we know whether the company’s souvenirs are effective or not as a company’s promotional media?

In advertising or promotion. Not just doing something creative and attracting the attention of consumers. But it also needs a well-calculated strategy. So that every choice and step taken is a reasonable step and has a clear direction for the company.

In choosing items that can be used as company souvenirs as a promotional medium. Here are smart tips for choosing corporate souvenirs as promotional media.

1. Define Specific Market Segmentation

As wide and as big as our business market. Not everyone can be our customer. A very diverse market will of course require a variety of strategies and promotional media as well. It will be very draining of energy and costs if we enter all markets. And the worst part is that the results are not necessarily optimal.

Doing market segmentation is the right first step to do. With a clear and specific market segmentation, it will be easier to determine which company souvenirs are the right ones as promotional media for the targeted market segmentation.

Segmentation can be done starting from grouping markets based on geographic markets (regions) for example city A, City B and so on. Or segmentation based on demographics such as gender, age, economic group, occupation, religion and so on.

For example, if we take the segmentation of students and/or employees who are struggling with office work, then the company’s souvenirs to choose from are ballpoint pens, desk clocks and so on.

2. Understanding Insights, From the Target Market

In simple terms, insight can be understood by the desire (want), need (need) and fear or anxiety (fear) that consumers feel about something. Where by knowing that, the brand can be present and be a solution for consumers.

In simple terms, insight can be understood by the desire (want), need (need) and fear or anxiety (fear) that consumers feel about something. Where by knowing this, the brand can be present and be a solution for consumers.

The connection in the selection of company souvenirs is by knowing the insights possessed by the profile of the audience (consumers) of our souvenir recipients, then we can choose the right and useful souvenirs for these consumers.

3. Knowing Consumer Behavior in Detail

After doing segmentation and insight, we need to know what the behavior or behavior of consumers in that segment is like. How are their daily activities, how do they respond to something, what do they do first when they wake up and so on.

The more specific and clear we are in understanding their behavior, the easier it will be for us to determine what items are appropriate to be used as corporate souvenirs for them.

4. Make a list of objects that become the point of contact for consumers

Point of contact is a communication point that will be touched by the target market when he wakes up until he sleeps again. Simply put, they are items that are found and used by the target market in their daily lives.

If we understand the behavior of our consumers (target market), it will be easier to know what objects are close and inherent in their lives. Now, these objects have great potential to become our promotional media by making them as company souvenirs. That way, our company’s brand is present in consumers’ lives.

5. Take Advantage of Trends

The next thing to consider is the current trend. It can also be interpreted as the right time for certain company souvenirs. One of the advantages of following the trend is that these souvenirs will be happily accepted and used with pride by our consumers.

For example, souvenir flash-disks and power-banks which in recent years have become things that are needed and are often carried everywhere by gadget users.

Second, by knowing the trend, we can avoid making decisions or choosing objects that are considered no longer trending. So even though for example the object is a point of contact for our consumers, but the object has passed the trend or is not very attractive to our consumers.

So, you should not choose these objects as corporate souvenirs that we will share.

Thus, smart tips in choosing the right company souvenirs. Hope it is useful.