25 Jun, 2024

Interruption Or Disruption: Leadership Disaster In The Diamond Industry

Camille Jewelry combines masterful craftsmanship with sophistication and sensitivity. No surprise the model is considered one of the most popular jewelers around today. Or indulge in a bit of mega bling with one of its infinitely memorable diamond rings. Imagine all the natural sensuality and vivacity of Brazil alongside the grit, edge, and daring of East London’s inventive scene.

Bringing You Essentially The Most Stunning Pieces For Probably The Most Cheap Prices

Titan’s CEO, Ajoy Chawla, believes that the posh market in India is poised to grow with the per capita income crossing the $2,000 mark. He sees a pattern in path of premiumization and expects Zoya, Titan’s luxurious model, to double its turnover within the subsequent few years. Currently, Zoya has eight shops and plans to increase to 14 or 15 stores by next Diwali. While Zoya could additionally be bought for weddings and festive occasions Jewelery News, …

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