The Importance of Scaffolding During Construction

What do you see when you picture a construction site? You are more likely to see several workers working on a half-finished building. And you may see the workers navigate around a tall, steel structure. The name of this structure is scaffolding. The structure is a familiar aspect of all construction jobs. What is the importance of this aspect of construction?

The Importance of Scaffolding During Construction

The workers or builders of APL Kwikform will install scaffolding at the start of every maintenance work or construction project. Scaffolding is a temporary platform offering elevation and support. Workers use this platform to conduct their work and carry materials during the construction process, which can include cleaning and repairs. The workers erect scaffolding before they begin construction work to keep them safe when they are building or maintaining the building. The scaffolding also offers some support to the standing structure.

Scaffolding is used in the construction industry because of the following 4 key reasons:

It is Efficient

Scaffolding allows workers to carry out their duties safely and securely on this platform. It can improve the efficiency of the construction job. How? It allows workers to easily and quickly manoeuvre around buildings of any size and shape. It takes a single working day to erect scaffolding structures. Time is of the essence in the construction industry, so the platform reduces the time spent on the construction site. Scaffolding is vital during a construction project because it improves efficiency, saving the workers time.

It Guarantees Safety

There are dangers and risks of working at height. As mentioned above, the scaffolding platform allows builders to safely and securely carry out their tasks at a considerable height. Scaffolding not only protects the health and safety of the builders and people below the scaffolding. It also protects the safety appliances, like fencing and barrier netting. The purpose of these barriers is to catch any loose debris. The platform also guarantees a safe and secure working environment for everyone involved in the construction project.

Do you want to know the risks and dangers of working at height? If so, then read our blog post to know the 3 Golden Rules for Working at Height.

Easy To Access

Workers and builders use scaffolding to build and construct creatively. The platform allows the workers and builders to access the hard to reach parts of the building. The workers can build scaffolding to ensure no blueprint or design is beyond them. Builders have used scaffolding for the construction of some of the notorious and most famous buildings in the world. You can even check out our feature on Building For the World’s Tallest Buildings.

Prime Position for Workers

Scaffolding places the workers or builders in strategic positions to do their work. Builders and workers do not have to rely on ladders because scaffolding provides elevation. They should not use ladders because ladders are unstable and not secure. Ladders do not give the workers or builders a solid platform to carry out their work, so they will have to work at an angle. They will not have great balance on a ladder. It is easy for the workers to use scaffolding to work on the parts of the ceiling or wall because scaffolding places them in front of the building. Multiple workers can use scaffolding to work beside each other at the same time. It is not possible to work beside each other with a ladder.

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