Top 5 Side Job Ideas for Ambitious Workers

These are dynamic times in terms of business activities. As reported by Zapier, about 33{18427eb8f11860eefbdc4109120d3c8363567b9ab3bbd74f8dfe1bf9d20db9c2} of Americans have a side job. Some of them are underpaid workers who need an additional job to make ends meet.

Others have good salaries, but they do part-time jobs or gigs to save money for mortgage down payments and other investments.

In this article, we’re going to cover five top side jobs for employees who want more. The main criterion here is the accessibility of side hustles on the labor market.

1)     Delivery services

The upsurge in the number and quality of various delivery services has opened new job opportunities. While you can’t make a fortune delivering pizza or merchandise, it can be a helpful injection to your home budget.

Those people who drive can choose what they’re going to be delivering during their part-time hours. From food and ecommerce products to furniture and office inventory, there are numerous items that are delivered to business and individual users. Living and working in a larger city is even better, because there are more potential customers in such an environment.

The great thing about delivery services as an additional job is that you can do them using a bicycle or a motorbike. Both these means of transportation save your money while allowing you to deliver products on time.

Finally, those workers who use their bikes for delivery services improve their physical condition, as well.

2)     Reselling things

If you’re not into working additional hours after your regular job, you can cut the corners and turn to trade.

For starters, inspect your home to see what things and devices you don’tneed anymore. Put them on Craigslist or any other similar website and try to sell them. Organize a garage sale if possible to offer some of these items to the people from your neighborhood. This will be a practical test to check whether you know how to sell in the first place.

If this stage goes well, you can start buying things at a lower price and selling at higher prices.

Who knows, maybe this side hustle evolves into a full-range ecommerce business.

3)     Online education/tutoring

Everybody has some knowledge that can be shared with others. From foreign languages and business tips to home improvement and cooking, there are many activities that people want to learn.

In line with that, you can start sharing those tips on the Web. There are two most efficient ways of providing such services. One way is to become a member of one of numerous online platforms that help tutors produce their services. Most of these provide language learning services, but there are other business industries, as well.

The other option is to go your own way via the following steps:

  • Start social media business pages. Start promoting your tutoring services via social media, especially LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Launch a YouTube channel. Make tutorial videos and post them to your YT channel. Publish them on your social media pages to promote your services.
  • Ensure payment options. Use the most relevant payment methods to let your subscribers and customers make their payments without any issues.

If you apply the steps above and they work, you’ll probably start making significant amounts of money. So, make sure to report that money as other income on your tax return to avoid trouble with the tax authorities.

4)     Freelance projects

Freelance projects are beneficial for full-time workers for a number of reasons.

Firstly, when you accept a freelance gig, your commitment is temporary. You know how long the project is going to last and how much money you’ll make at the end.

Secondly, you can accept several freelance projects at the same time if the workload in your regular job is lower for a longer period. That way, you’ll keep receiving your regular salary while making more money on the side outside your work hours.

Finally, everybody has a fair level of freedom when negotiating freelance conditions. If you can’t land the desired amount of money, you skip that project. By doing so, you can choose either the gigs that pay off more or the ones that inspire you as a professional.

Last, but not least, open a separate bank account for all side jobs, including your gigs. That way, you’ll successfully track the income generated via those side hustles.

5)     Childcare services

Childcare is a bit sensitive field because it requires a mixture of natural instincts, commitments, and some professional knowledge.

If you know how handle kids and have enough time to become a babysitter to make some money, the only thing you need to do is to receive some education. You may want to enroll a special course to learn how to become a governess or a babysitter, depending on your aspirations. Also, when you have such a certificate, you become eligible to apply for long-term childcare positions.

If you don’t have that much time, you can contact some local babysitting agencies to join their roster and look after school kids and younger teenagers.

Another option is to take part-time positions in playrooms and work a few hours a day during kids’ birthdays.

There will be even more side jobs in the future, thanks to tech improvements and changes on the labor market. The main thing you should bear in mind when deciding on your additional jobs is the cost/benefit ratio. Go for less complicated jobs that bring a fair amount of money. Still, if you realize that your side hustle attracts you more or generate more money than your regular job, don’t hesitate to pursue a different career.