Wave up to wake your Android phone


Hi my friends today I come up with another wonderful app you may like. If you have problems with the use of the power button all the time whenever you need to on your screen, then I am sure that you will love this app most. This is the app WaveUp. A nice app that definitely helping you to on your screen by just only waving your hand over the proximity sensor of your Android.

With this app you can have a look at your mobile watch easily, can see the notifications you are receiving very easily and also you can keep your power button in a good functionality. If this app perform slow or poorly, make sure to use any RAM management tool to boost device performance like Clean Master.

What is this WaveUp App?

Simply we can understand the WaveUp apk as an app that helps us to on our Android screen instantly. Imagine when you are cooking you receive a notification. You want to whether it is an important, urgent one or not. Sometimes you may not in a condition where you can hold your Android and press the power button to make the Android wakes up. In such situations I am pretty sure that this app helps you great. You only have to wave your hand. Then the Android wakes up quickly. Very easy and simple method to see your notifications.

Or else if you need to watch the time more frequently it is not very practical to press your power button. Later, it will make some difficulties or it will not function properly due to this frequent pressing. So, owning this nice app is a simple strategy you can follow to wake your screen as much as you want without harming the power button.

If your power button does not function properly even now, you can easily download this cool app in your Android.  The app really helps to make the Android usage really easy.

When you need you can disable the function of this app for your safety in privacy. When you need you can enable the feature of turning on the screen.

If you want your mobile to turn on as soon as you take it out from your bag or from your pocket, then there is a mode called pocket mode. This mode also can be disable or enable as you wish from the settings.

Moreover, just like turning on the screen by waving your hand you can turn off your screen too. For that purpose, you can to cover the proximity sensor for quite a few seconds. Then your work is done.

Is this WaveUp free?

Yes, my friends. The App is free to own. Available for free download on all major Android app stores like AC Market, Play Store and Aptoide. Anyone who want can own this freely. You can download it from Google Play Store or from any other App store like AC market for free. Most of the apps doing the same purpose as WaveUp is not available freely. Hence, this seems one of the best apps you can own for your Android. This is an open source app where everyone can use it visit canceltimesharegeek.com.

I am sure that you find this WaveUp as a useful app for your Android too. Hurry and download it.

You can find more awesome Android TV apps from Filelinked and Aptoide. Those are the main popular third-party Android TV app stores.

WaveUp app for PC Download

Now you can enjoy WaveUp app on your windows or Mac PC with Nox player android emulator. Nox player is an android emulator that runs android operating system. Nox player works on windows and Mac PCs. You can download Nox player software from their official website. It is a freeware so you can download it for free. After that you can run WaveUp app on your PC through Nox player emulator.