What is Curb Appeal and How Do I Improve It?


All of us have our favorite house on the block. Or our favorite porch on a house on the block. This in its true essence, is curb appeal. These outside features really allow for the overall sense of your home to be seen. If you’re in the selling market, you’re probably wondering how much is your home worth and if it has all it needs for proper curb appeal.


Adding a bit of flavor to your yard around your home can deliver pretty solid on maximizing curb appeal. Landscaping could be rather cheap as well if you catch a good deal at Lowe’s. Speak with your realtor on some suggestions or check out some ideas from your neighbors.

Another idea to add to your landscaping is to utilize reclaimed and recycled materials. If you want to add a small stone pathway, you don’t need to purchase cut stone from your local home improvement store. If you live close to nature, just take a walk. You would be surprised to find flat rocks for walkways. You’ll just need to bring your barrel along.

The dollar store sells plenty of garden trinkets as well. You want to stay on the modest and tame side when setting up your landscaping. If you look for a few items, placed very deliberately, you won’t risk the decor being tacky. 

A Little Paint

Your home may just need a nice facelift. After years of wear and tear, your home really takes a beating. From snow to ice to trees, all of these can take a toll on your home’s outer appearance. You don’t need to break the bank to get some of this fixed up.

If you don’t have extra paint from your exterior laying around, just take in a sample to your local home improvement or paint store. They can match the color for you and send you home with a new can or two. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can repaint your whole exterior a new color.

You’ve probably seen this a few times on your block, your neighbor just decides to completely change the color of their home’s exterior. This daunting task can have a valuable outcome. All eggshell siding with black shutters are still very sleek looking, but sometimes you need to change it up.

A beautiful grey-blue by Benjamin Moore added with some yellow shutters if you are close to the ocean. Or a sage green with brown accents if you dwell close to the forest. Whatever you decide, make sure it goes well with your landscaping. You want to be sure to bring the whole look together.

Fix and Clean

A quite simple way of taking your curb appeal up a notch would be simply just fixing, adjusting, or cleaning the exterior of your home. Sometimes function supersedes image, and we may have put some bandaids on systems on the outside of your home that need a real solution.

You can start with your gutters and any other draining source. Drains are important, they remove still water and sitting water just creates problems for homes. You may have some unattractive gutters or railings. Your porch may need a nice seal on it as well.

Additionally, you can look into your outdoor fixtures. If you have outdoor skylights, make sure they are clean and work properly. To really step up your game you may want to consider replacing some fixtures with something more modern. 

Fixing, cleaning, and updating your exterior is going to freshen up your home and your curb appeal points will climb. You should keep all of your changes simple and uniform. Outdoor updates are beneficial to your property’s value and are quite accomplishable by the homeowner. This will save you on costs while raising your home’s value.