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What Is the Best Marble for Kitchen Countertops?


There are numerous marble varieties around the world. It’s tough to choose the right one for your kitchen. Of course, everyone has a different lifestyle and kitchen. Therefore, different people have varying preferences when it comes to choosing marble for their kitchen countertops. Here is what you need to know about different types of kitchens and how to find the best marble stone worktops for your kitchen.

Different Kitchen Types

1. Family Kitchens

Do you have a busy kitchen? Do you have a lot of traffic in your kitchen from all your family members? Well, you need the best worktop to match your busy kitchen. When sealed, marble can handle a lot of traffic and has a slow wear and tear process. However, acidic spills from vinegar or lemon often leave a mark.

Therefore, if you have a busy kitchen, especially where you are teaching your kids to cook, you should choose marble with whiter hues. As such, accidents will be less visible. They should also be aesthetic and blend effortlessly with every other decorative aspect of the kitchen.

2. Large Kitchens

Do you have a large kitchen? Does it have a lot of bright space? Well, you have a lot of available options when it comes to choosing the best marble. Here, you need to consider patterns and veins when choosing marble. Note that marble is mined in slabs.

Therefore, you need to choose marble which is available in longer slabs to prevent unnecessary joins. You need to consider how patterns will be joined at seals in-between the slabs. Darker marble usually has regular patterning so you can’t go wrong with choosing it for your large kitchen.

3. Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, you need to keep everything light. You should be able to maximize the natural light and make the kitchen feel spacious. Corners are more obvious in smaller kitchens since they are closer to each other. You can choose different types of marble, especially those mirrored at the corner joints, to bring out the creativity.

4. Statement Kitchens

If you have a statement kitchen, you should definitely consider having a marble countertop, especially with the dramatic varieties available. You can choose coloured marble with a large streak of veining or one with a swirling wave of movement. They should effortlessly bring out the beauty of your statement kitchen.

5. Social Kitchens

Do you often entertain in your kitchen? Whether it’s after-school playdates, dinners or drinks, you need to choose the right marble countertop. Warm hues are the best choice for social kitchens so you should choose grey or cream marble countertops. Choose gentle and welcoming marble to make the room feel softer.

Choosing the Right Finish

Besides choosing the type of marble for your kitchen, you need to consider the finishing and edging. They should be able to alter the appearance of the marble altogether. Depending on the range you have chosen, you can always settle for a gloss, textured or matte finish. Rounder edging is a great choice for marble countertops since it prevents chipping.

How to Take Care of Your Marble

Once you have installed the best type of marble for your kitchen, you need to know how to take care of it. Well, you should know that marble is a low-maintenance surface. Once you have installed it, the stone’s natural porosity is protected. Make sure the marble is resealed regularly to avoid a lot of maintenance. Wipe any spills using gentle dish soap and warm water and the marble countertop will always look as good as new.

Marble countertops are quite personal. Therefore, you need to take your time to find the best one for your kitchen to enjoy all the benefits associated with having one. Even better, you should talk to a marble specialist to guarantee the best results.