What to Know About Self-Storage

Businesses great and small will be faced with limited storage at some point in their expansion. Having a plan to address this situation early in the game will save you from financial and professional setbacks great and small.

Maybe it is only a couple of laptops, or perhaps you have acquired a trove of important company inventory; in either case, storage needs to be accessible and economical. The biggest problem for many businesses is that they never expected this to be an issue. Furthermore, without an intelligent plan to manage storage, the situation only gets more complicated with time.

One of the most intelligent solutions to handling storage for businesses is to place everything in a self-storage centre. Of course, this can raise its own set of concerns and for this reason we wanted to cover the various advantages and disadvantages of self-storage.

Cons to Self-Storage

Let’s begin with the disadvantages to self-storage. Self-storage is not for every business. Here are some of the biggest setbacks of securing your inventory in a different location.

1. Things Can Be Difficult to Locate

Naturally a smart plan to appoint your inventory will be essential for keeping everything perfectly accessible. But, the fact is there are no cabinets, file drawers, or shelves in a self-storage unit – just the four walls, floor and ceiling. Storage solutions can be purchased and installed if needed, but most just use stackable file boxes. This can start off OK, but, as mentioned, without an intelligent inventory system you may find yourself losing a lot of time looking for things.

2. Not Everything Can Be Stored

There are rules about what sort of items can be stored in your self-storage unit. For example, you may not store live animals, hazardous materials, unregistered vehicles, weapons, plants or chemicals in the unit. This may or may not be a problem for you depending on what you plan on storing in your unit.

3. Expense

There will be a price to rent the storage space. Of course this is not a particularly high cost, but one many companies would avoid if they could. The larger the space you need the more it will cost you. But the important thing to remember, the storage space you will use will not be nearly as costly as the office space where your inventory is currently being stored.

Pros to Self-Storage

We think that a positive note is always the best way to end a communication, so here are the many advantages of self-storage.

1. Variety of Size Options

With so many size options available you are sure to find the right locker for you. You can rent the size of space you need and nothing more. Our storage spaces can be as large as a double garage or as small as a locker. Use what you need and nothing more.

2. Flexibility

You will not need to enter into any long term contracts or commitments either. We offer contracts on a weekly basis. You will only need to rent out the place for the time required and nothing more. You can then pack up and leave just as easily.

3. Easy Access

If you need to access your inventory in the dead of night or any hour of the day, you will be provided with access. This will typically be a code or key that will grant you access to your storage unit. Most self-storage units, including our storage in Hemel Hempstead, offer 24/7 access to their clients

4. Security

Self-storage centres have the security systems in place that will protect your stored items from the criminal element. This will include CCTV, controlled access and locking systems. Others may even have security patrols. You can choose the security level that best suits the nature of your belongings.

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