What’s So Special About Herbal Skin Care business or is Botox a better idea?

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What comes to mind when you think of herbal skin care, DOES it immediately bring up images of apple fold paper, herbs, vegetables, and herbs? Botox treatment could also help.

Quite frankly, if you call every one of those products herbal skin care products, then quite possibly you may beunder advertising teemooth skin care.

People have been purchasing health and beauty products for thousands of years now, and have been thoroughly disappointed with outcome, as well as being willing to risk their long term health and beauty to achieving it.

 Artificially enhanced face or body cream to warrant the purchase of skin care products can be one of the riskiest referrals that a company can ever sell you.

The usual reason lies within the ingredients that are being used in the manufacturing process.

It is a shame that a majority of these companies are using inferior ingredients that are harmful to your body

What are being concealed by calling something herbal skin care? Does this imply that it is natural?

What exactly is natural? What is natural? We can discern the meaning of the word from its most common survive version, derived from Greek the term “nedakyri”.

Natural refers to a substance that is not artificial.misSince the meaning of the word natural is derived from its root, i.e. “chicken”, it can safely mean either a plant or an animal that is both alive and exist in nature. This show that the meaning of the word should be applied to organic products only.

 unethicalcompanies are still producing beauty products that have toxic ingredients, and are totally aware that these products are causing harm to their customers’ health.

In the long run, all consumers will suffer because these companies do not care less about the effect their products have on their customers, than they do about their corporate profits.

There are other ways these products are associated to cause harm besides being associated with being safe. There are many other ways these harmful products are associated to cause harm.

Toxic Ingredients

One of the most common ingredients in these “natural” and “organic” products are harmful synthetic chemical additives like parabens and PEG’s.

Parabens are chemical preservatives. They are used in the cosmetic industry, not only to prevent the development of bacteria and fungus in beauty products, but also in food products. When you rub any product with this ingredient on your skin, it can cause a blocked’ gland, and the end result of this infection is the formation of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

PEG’s are used in beauty products to thicken the product. It is also used as a rust remover in heavy machinery. When you rub any beauty product with this ingredient in it, it is applying a form of dehydrogenic acid to the product. What this harmful chemical does is make the product hard to liquefy, or to dissolve it into water and cream. This harmful effect is known to cause many health problems.

This is just a devastating review of the dangers of parabens and other chemicals that are being used in the many beauty products being sold today.


While Aloe Vera has been used for centuries as a skin care treatment, the many non- immobilizedAloe Vera extractupsets the appearance of skin by causing skin pigmentation and irritation.

While we understand that Aloe Vera is an absolutely fantastic ingredient to have in your beauty products, there are so many companies out there that are selling products that containAloe Vera, and other harmful ingredients that we don’t understand how to counter the negative effects of such chemicals in your skin care products.

The author is not a Doctor and has no medical training. Always consult your health care professional before using these or any home remedies or natural cures.

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