Which One Is The Best Smart Control Heating System?

Smart home controlled from device

With so many things being digital and connected, it only made sense that our heating systems would be too. Now, you can control your heating and cooling systems with your mobile devices. According to Fusion Voice & Data, this makes it more accessible than ever before.

Here is our comprehensive round-up of the different smart heating control systems you can buy right now.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat (The 3rd Generation)

This happens to be one of the most sold smart thermostats right now. You can tell by the 2,000 reviews online. This shows how much of a positive reception it’s received from users throughout the world. It has one of the most aesthetically pleasing and modern designs found in a smart thermostat. It also happens to offer some of the most advanced connectivity options. This thermostat can be synced up with both Amazon and Google’s very own ecosystem.

This smart thermostat is one that can be manually controlled through the device and remotely through different apps. It can also be linked up to your hot water system to control it. While it doesn’t come with individual thermostat controls as standard, you can buy and hook up separate TRV’s that can be installed on individual radiators to control the temperature in different zones.

For all of those who are into technology, you can do a lot with the Google Nest. The smart system offers all kinds of different connectivity options that you can take advantage of including controlling your smart lights, security cameras, Yale locks, and your Nest Protect.

How Much Is It? Approx. £250

Hive Active Heating 2

This one isn’t just a smart heating system and nothing more. This system offers a lot more than meets the eye. Much like the Google Nest system, it can be synced up with various other smart devices including WiFi-enabled security cameras, smart bulbs, and smart plugs throughout your house. While this system isn’t self-learning, the system is very easy to control. It can be controlled through the mobile app called “Hive Hub.” This system is not able to be controlled directly from the device. Instead, you need to use the app or the website to do so.

Hive Active Heating is something that offers advanced connectivity and it comes with a feature that a lot of people deem a must-have. This future is Geofencing. This helps you save energy by turning down your heating when you aren’t home and it turns it back on when you reach your home. While this system doesn’t have TRV’s included, they can be bought and installed separately through the Hive Hub which can turn it into a multi-zone system.

While the Hive system is owned by British Gas, it can be used no matter who your supplier is.

How Much Is It? Approx. £250

Tado Smart Thermostat V3

This is a newer option, but it is a good one. This thermostat features a lot of things that you may want in a smart thermostat. It has a built-in energy saving calculator. It also offers both direct and remote adjustability. It comes with built-in open window detection and it includes Geofencing for better and easier control. This system also comes with its very own smart radiator thermostats that you will be able to use to control the individual rooms throughout your home. This can help to ensure that you are only using the heat where you need it the most.

How Much Is It? Approx. £200

Google Nest Thermostat E

While this one doesn’t look as good as the Nest Learning Thermostat, it does come with an easier installation and it is also fairly easy to use and understand. However, its ease of use comes at a price with it being much less advanced. To install, all you need to do is replace your wired or wall-mounted thermostat.

This thermostat does a great job of adjusting the home temperature throughout your home. But as mentioned, it doesn’t have the same advanced features that you will get with other alternatives. Also, it isn’t priced that low. Therefore, the cost savings don’t amount to much (if at all). That being said, it is an easy-to-use smart thermostat and it does offer good connectivity that you can rely on.

How Much Is It? Approx. £200